[ka-Map-users] pixToGeo question

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Sun Sep 11 22:18:48 EDT 2005

Hi Brent,

you have unwittingly uncovered one of my skeletons ... this code is 
pretty raw, I got it to work one day without truely understanding why it 
was working and ... well, its not pretty ...

When you add an object using addObjectGeo, it doesn't follow quite the 
same logic as you have applied.

addObjectPix subtracts the xOrigin and yOrigin values from the pixel 
location to get the actual display location (xOrigin and yOrigin were 
required to prevent problems with the pixel location of the images 
becoming so large that some browsers switched to scientific notation and 
started truncating the numbers).  So in case two, the object will be 
positioned at -xOrigin, -yOrigin.

In case one, pixToGeo is adding the xOrigin and yOrigin offsets if you 
pass true ... so the actual location is +xOrigin, +yOrigin ... hence the 

If you pass false to pixToGeo, it should return you the right numbers to 
match case two.  However ... one of the problems that I know about is 
with signs ... something weird happens and stuff gets the wrong sign, I 
haven't figured it out yet.  I don't think that is the case here though, 
since you should be getting 0,0 in both cases (and sign shouldn't matter).

I think the real problem is that you aren't really supposed to use 
addObjectPix because of the xOrigin,yOrigin shift.  What you would 
really need to do to get both cases to work would be:

map.addObjectGeo( oCanvas, 0, 0, o1 );
map.addObjectPix( oCanvas, -map.xOrigin, -map.yOrigin, o2 );

Not sure if my explanation is coherent ...



Brent Pedersen wrote:
> hi, i don't understand what's going on in my test script. i expect case 
> 1 and case 2 to show up in the same location: they dont.
>     map = new kaMap('viewport');
>     oCanvas = map.createDrawingCanvas(5);
>     var o1 = document.createElement('img');
>     var o2 = document.createElement('img');
>     o1.src = 'images/up.jpg' ;
>     o2.src = 'images/up.jpg' ;
> // case 1: convert pixel (0,0 to geo and addObjectGeo):
>     var xg = map.pixToGeo(0,0,true);
>     map.addObjectGeo( oCanvas, xg[0], xg[1], o1 );
> // case 2: just addObject Pix
>     var xp = [0,0];
>     map.addObjectPix( oCanvas, xp[0], xp[1], o2 );
> i have tried pixToGeo with and without the 3rd arg.
> what am i missing? i'm using the default omap example mapfile and the 
> CVS version of kamap.
> maybe i just need a primer on how these relate??
> thanks for any suggestions,
> -brent
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