[ka-Map-users] Does there exist any plotting funtions yet?

Clark Endrizzi cendrizzi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 10:42:10 EDT 2005

Thanks, works great.

I do wonder however if there is a way to add a mouse even function (like a
single click) to one of my markers I would be very impressed if Ka Map has
this already since that seems like that would be very hard.

Google does this stuff pretty good: http://labs.google.com/ridefinder. In my
case I don't really care about the pop up bubble windows (even though it's
awesome) since when users click on my markers I would rather have it display
the information in a side dialog box or something. However, if we could get
a workable way of clicking on a marker than it appears that adding what
google has wold be trivial since you can currently add and take away images.

The thing that I'm impressed with is the dealing with transparency in the
images so that the transparent part of the image is non-clickable. If Ka Map
doesn't currently support any way of detecting clicks on images attached to
a map then I would like to try doing this. If you have any pointers on the
best way to do this I would be thankful since I would rather have this
benefit everyone. I'm getting pretty far in my understanding of the code but
I still have a ways to go so let me know.


On 9/26/05, Paul Spencer <pspencer at dmsolutions.ca> wrote:
> Clark,
> you can do the following:
> var canvas = myKaMap.createDrawingCanvas( 500 ); //zindex=500
> var img = document.createElement( 'img' );
> img.src = 'images/myMarker.png';
> myKaMap.addObjectGeo( canvas, lon, lat, img );
> Cheers
> Paul
> On 26-Sep-05, at 6:04 PM, Clark Endrizzi wrote:
> > Just curious since I don't want to duplicate efforts. Basically,
> > much like you can do with google, I want to plot some places. I
> > haven't really seen this.
> >
> > If this hasn't been done then I would be curious to know if anyone
> > has any ideas on how to best do this?
> >
> > On a seperate issue, I got today's CVS stuff and am not sure how to
> > get the check boxes to disable layers (I saw that on at least one
> > page). That is very cool and I would like to try that. Got any
> > pointers?
> >
> > Thanks,
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