[ka-Map-users] Ka-Map Architecture

moccand at free.fr moccand at free.fr
Tue Sep 27 13:36:55 EDT 2005

I list,
(again, this is my second post today sorry for that).

I was to try to developp a pair of php files in order to make the server side of
an AJAX map website using PHP Mapscript ... when i have a look to Ka-Map.

My first Idea was to put, via serveur-side script, in a single XML this
information :

- path to map image
- path to the ref image
- path to legende image
- the layers list (with status and query capabilities)
- the extend and the scale
- array with the query result

And then parse this XML on the client side using light frameword that allows
XSL-T (especially for rendering query results).
One of the ultimate goals souhld be to add a XMLPrint() method the the mapObj
class in order to produce this XML.

Is it quite far from ka-map Architecture (there is only one mapObj created for
the set of created mapimag,legendeimage, scalebarimage ...).

Does anyone can give me his feeling about this idea ?



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