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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Apr 4 07:59:49 EDT 2006


this is more appropriate for the mapserver-users mailing list.  In  
any case, you control layer visibility by adding minscale/maxscale to  
either layers or classes inside layers.

For information on layer objects,


You may also find this useful:


You should note that because ka-Map uses fixed scale values for  
zooming, you can easily pick scale values (between the ka-Map ones)  
for your minscale/maxscale.

For instance, if you have 4 scales in your application:

1000000, 500000, 250000, 100000

and you want a layer to turn on for only 250000, 100000 then that  
layer would have:

maxscale 250001 #or any value up to 499999

and if you wanted a layer to turn on only for 1000000, 500000 then  
that layer would have

minscale 499999 #or any value down to 250001

and if you wanted a layer to turn on only for 500000, 250000 then  
that layer would have

maxscale 500001 #or any value up to 999999
minscale 249999 #or any value down to 250001



On 4-Apr-06, at 5:27 AM, Bahi AL_Fkharany wrote:

> hi every body
> can one help me about how to control layer visibility
> via  the (minscale and maxscale) of layer object in
> map files not via the status attribute,
> thanks for your times.
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