[ka-Map-users] Ka-map! too slow?

Pete Giencke gienc002 at umn.edu
Wed Apr 5 11:45:00 EDT 2006


My sense is that the delays you're experiencing are related to the postgis
connection(s) required in generating the tiles. I'd recommend you use the
precache->tile_source method
(http://ka-map.ominiverdi.org/wiki/index.php/Pre-caching_system) for that
layer. That way, you can get all the connection 'delays' out of the way in
one fell swoop.

Ka-map is a pretty lean (read: fast) app -- I've had many more layers of
much largers sizes (not precached) and haven't gotten close to that 22
second delay you're experiencing.


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For a long time, I've been testing and optimizing Ka-map! in my enterprise
to search an open source gis solution (We have Autodesk Mapguide 6.5).

My map now have 2 layers (.shp and postgis 0.81), total in cache: 153 KB
(157.442 bytes).
In Firefox, 1024x768, on localhost with apache and Mapserver version 4.6.1,
I wait for 22 seconds.

I think this it's too slow, isn't it?


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