[ka-Map-users] imagery options

Pete Giencke pgiencke at glc.org
Tue Apr 11 10:40:32 EDT 2006


I'm currently using both the USGS/Terraserver DOQ WMS imagery and the
NASA Landsat WMS imagery, and can say ka-map handles them nicely,
assuming you tweak them a little bit. Specifically, I've found that
increasing the tile size and compressing the images yields relatively
quick loading maps of good quality (http://mds.glc.org/glosMap/htdocs).

If you had any specific questions about this, I'd be happy to help


On Mon, 2006-04-10 at 21:56 -0700, cschmidt at rohan.sdsu.edu wrote:
> Has anyone experimented with adding imagery to the background of ka-maps?
> (either Satellite or aerial photo).  So far I've considered laying ka-map
> over google maps and trying to sync the two maps during pan and zoom, or
> trying to pull USGS imagery from
> http://terraservice.net/about.aspx?n=AboutTerraServiceAPI.  Has any tried
> one of these of something different?
> - Charlie.
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