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the scales you provide can be from 1 to n ... I have a map file with  
16 scales for instance.  The scales you choose need to be appropriate  
to your data and you application.  For looking at the whole world, a  
scale of 1 to 100 million (100000000) down to 1:1 million (1000000)  
might be appropriate for vmap0 data (which has a resolution of  
1:1000000).  For a street level application, you might be working  
from 1:250000 down to 1:2500.

You need to tinker with the scales to get the best look for your  

Once you know what scales you want, you will also likely want to  
tweak your map file for those particular scale ranges so you get the  
best looking maps at each of your scales.



On 22-Apr-06, at 12:57 AM, E S Ramlan wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Is there any method that I can use to determine the right scale for  
> displaying
> my map?  I had unsuccessfully tried different combinations.
> The scale is being setup in the array and the array can contain  
> either 4
> elements or less.  Is this correct?  What item does each element  
> represent?
> For example:
> "sample"   => array( "Sample",
> "/home/mapdata/freegis_worlddata-0.1_simpl/sample.map",
>                 array( 100000000,50000000,25000000,10000000 ), "PNG")
> Please can somebody help me on this.
> Thanks.
> Ed.
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