[ka-Map-users] kaXmlSVG()

Pg pg.navone at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 07:35:34 EDT 2006


> PG, is the modification ok with you?
If it works, it doesn't need my approval ;-)

In my tests with SVG I had a couple of problems:

1. In Firefox the SVG image "catch" the mouse events: so if I click on
the map in the area of the SVG image (may be in a trasparent part of
the image) ka-Map doesn't react as expected (e.g. it doesn't
drag/center the map)

2. IE doesn't have native support for SVG (I know there are plugins,
but I've never tried them)

Are you using some SVG plugin? With wich broser?



2006/4/26, Wei Yang, Ng - Wayne <wayne at datalinktech.com.au>:
> Hi everyone,
>       I have modified kaXmlOverlay.js to work with SVG graphics. The
> primary purpose of doing this is to have a rotate able image. This is
> done by getting the javascript to point the "data" attribute of the
> object tag to "something.php?svg_rot=n" (where n is the angle in
> degrees). The php file generates the SVG image. Do let me know if you
> would like a version of the code.
> PG, is the modification ok with you?
> Regards,
> Wayne

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