[ka-Map-users] kaXmlSVG() (Wayne)

Wei Yang, Ng - Wayne wayne at datalinktech.com.au
Wed Apr 26 20:37:07 EDT 2006

Hi Pg,
> If it works, it doesn't need my approval  ;-) 
> In my tests with SVG I had a couple of problems:
> 1. In Firefox the SVG image "catch" the mouse events: so if I click on
> the map in the area of the SVG image (may be in a trasparent part of
> the image) ka-Map doesn't react as expected (e.g. it doesn't
> drag/center the map)
Yes I am having the similar problem. I think this is due to the fact 
that the SVG image is treated as a seperate
document. The kaXmlIcon is basically an image so it wouldn't have the 
same problem.
> 2. IE doesn't have native support for SVG (I know there are plugins,
> but I've never tried them)
> Are you using some SVG plugin? With wich broser?
> Regards
>  -Pg
I am currently using Firefox and it already has built-in SVG support :) 
An Adobe plugin (for example) is required for IE
and that also requires further modification to the SVG document. I have 
yet to test it out on more browsers.

Seems like we have plenty of updates recently. I should do a CVS update 


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