[ka-Map-users] Firefox problem with ka-map

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Aug 3 15:09:01 EDT 2006

I haven't seen this before.  I agree that it is likely not a locking  

I wanted to implement something that counts tiles as they load, but  
never got it working.  There was also (at one time, perhaps still in  
there) an error handler for images that failed to load (would try  
again and then force the tile if it didn't work several times).

I don't really have time to work on this now, but if someone else  
wants to figure it out ...


On 3-Aug-06, at 2:47 PM, Stephen Woodbridge wrote:

> Hi all,
> Using a couple days old CVS, and I think this is a long standing  
> issue with Firefox, we get occasional partial tiles loaded. I have  
> not been able to reproduce this with IE 6.
> The tile is loaded, but it seems to be truncated, if I go into Page  
> Info -> Media and copy/paste the tile's url into another window it  
> typically shows a partial tile, a shift refresh on the tile loads  
> the whole tile which is cached and the ka-map tile is whole.
> I do not think this is because we have a locking problem on the  
> tile read. I have even changed tile.php to write to <tile>.png- and  
> then rename that to <tile>.png after it is written.
> It seems like Firefox is getting overloaded with pending requests  
> and somehow the loading tile is getting interrupted. This tile  
> happens if I expand the window to full screen and start panning  
> repeatedly across the window. I also noticed that IE disables a  
> second grab and pan until all the tiles are loaded from the first  
> request.
> I also like the countdown of items to be loaded in the IE status bar.
> So anyone have any thoughts on this?
> It would be nice to have a action that implements a ctrl-click on a  
> tile to reload the tile from the server to fix broken tiles if needed.
> -Steve
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