[ka-Map-users] Two map on defferent site

Yamaju yamaju at yr.tnc.ne.jp
Tue Aug 8 05:26:45 EDT 2006

Dear Ishikawa-san,

If you don't want to use the select box, I think you need to create separate
kaMap.js files and init.php files, too.
Suppose you've created config2.php and map2.map for the second application

Then you'd need


<script type="text/javascript" src="kaMap2.js"></script>


this.init = "init2.php";


include_once( '../include/config2.php' );


$aszMapFiles = array(
  // map file for 2nd application

That's my guess. I'm afraid I haven't tested it.
(Maybe other people have better idea...)

Good luck!
Junya Sano

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Subject: [ka-Map-users] Two map on defferent site

> Dear all
> I'd like to manage two or more maps on Ka-map on different sites. That
means I don't want to use combbox to select a mapfile. And I want to use the
same source codes for each site.
> I tried to use symbolic link for "htdocs" and use a individual config file
and mapfile. But it doesn't work. It could be due to an apache
configuration. Anyway I have no idea.
> Dose anyone have a good idea?
> Ishikawa Hiroshi
> ishikawa at geowork.co.jp
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