[ka-Map-users] HISTORY.TXT

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Aug 11 17:21:06 EDT 2006

At this moment only HISTORY.TXT has a trace of what we've added from  
version 0.2 until now.

I've added few lines but I'll appreciate if somebody remembers other  

- kaExplorer has a setContent(url) function to inject long text in  
the viewport window.
- kaExplorer is the new interface. Old interface is now index_aqua.html
- simple search system based on queryByAttributes has been added.   
tools/search/kaSearch.php to refine output
- print system added. Default outputs: GIF,JPEG,PNG,GeoTIFF,  
formatted PDF.
- rubber zoom added.
- "link to this view" function added.
- bug 1512: added group access control based on Apache Basic  
- bug 1374, implementation of a tooltip system
- bug 1315, implemented new event, KAMAP_METAEXTENTS_CHANGED, and  
kaMap.getMetaExtents() to track extents of all loaded tiles.  This is  
designed to support server side overlay logic.
- bug 1333, fixed formatting of several javascript files to work with  
- bug 1350, modified structure of aszMapFile array in config.php
- bug 1351, modified constructors for _map and _layer to be more  
flexible for future capabilities
- bug 1352, implemented new event KAMAP_MAP_CLICKED for handling  
single clicks on the map, to allow simple queries and point overlay  
- bug 1290, implemented force_redraw option
- bug 1313, query system implemented. map_query_float.php to  
customize response.
- added index_overlay.html and Overlay Functions. Alpha version
- bug 1297, added Link To This View capability
- added CIABOT to ka-map cvs repository and email ka-map-dev
- fixed bug 1285, infinite loop caused by having only one scale in  
- bug 1283, added support for limiting map movement beyond max  
extents set via metadata in the map file.
- bug 1284, added precache.php script back into cvs
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