[ka-Map-users] Problems with addObjectGeo again.

Samuel Doyle sdoyle_2 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 24 22:32:42 EDT 2006


I keep running into this problem and it behaves different on both Firefox and IE.

I want to add an icon to the map based on where the user has clicked. I use the following procedure which I am hoping is correct since I have noticed it used before.

incidentViewer.prototype.ondblclick = function(e)
    e = (e)?e:((event)?event:null);
    var aPixPos = this.adjustPixPosition( e.clientX, e.clientY );
    var geoCoo = this.kaMap.pixToGeo( aPixPos[0], aPixPos[1] );
    this.gX = geoCoo[0];
    this.gY = geoCoo[1];
    // send to server here
   myKaMap.addObjectGeo( opener.iconFeatures, this.gY, this.gX, incident.img );

The offset of the icon always ends up incorrect from what it should be. Is this the correct procedure?

Thanks, S.D.
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