[ka-Map-users] Overlay Shapefiles

Wagner, Jeffrey S. (DMS/CISD) j.wagner at ngc.com
Wed Aug 30 18:15:58 EDT 2006

I have a web service that pulls shapefiles from another server every few
minutes.  It downloads them to a directory - i.e.
c:/overlay/overlay1.shp, etc. I want to add the overlays on the map and
dynamically update the legend with the new overlay names  -- allowing
the user to toggle them on or off.  Also, before overlaying the
shapefile, I need to modify how it renders - change the color, opacity,


Currently, I'm attempting do this with KaXML. I convert the shapefile to
XML and use AJAX to update the overlays.  However, this is not ideal as
there are several thousand points in each polygon.


What would be a better solution to this problem?




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