[ka-Map-users] loadProjection(): Unknown identifier error

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Dec 5 22:13:22 EST 2006

Try init=epsg:4326 - note the lower case epsg ... when you use the  
init option with proj, it directs it to look in one of its 'database'  
files for the actual proj codes ... in this case, the epsg file.

This may not fix your problem (since the file system on windows isn't  
case sensitive) but give it a shot.


On 5-Dec-06, at 4:11 PM, Matthew Edmondson wrote:

> I've been utilizing mapserver for over a year now, mainly utilizing
> chameleon. I downloaded the latest ms4w install and have been messing
> around with ka-map. I've been using a modified .map file of the world
> map and have run into a snag.
> If I insert the line
> PROJECTION  "init=EPSG:4326"
> into my map file, the file wont load via html, and via mws it gives
> the error of "loadProjection(): Unknown identifier error" If I comment
> out that line, it works fine. I'm trying to get this to work, beacuse
> otherwise I'm running into trying to access the data via mws from
> other applications.
> Thanks,
> Matt
> p.s. I'm attaching the world file.
> <World.map>
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