[ka-Map-users] ka-map first experience

massimodisasha massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Thu Dec 7 05:25:40 EST 2006

i'm new to web-gis
i opted to ka-map :-)
it have a very "clean" interface, is very nice

i've downloaded ka-map at:
and "freegis_worlddata"

i'm on a mac osx, i've a binary version of mapserver 4.10+php- 
mapscrip (thanks to W.Kyngesbury)
  i'm looking for a tutorial at this link:

at page 3 "ka-Map Configuration Files"
it speak about a file :
"php.conf" that is in the folder   "../ka-map/htdocs"

but i do not have any php.conf in the htdocs folder.
is there any mac users that can help me to a "fast-lite" ka-map  
configuration ?
thanks for any suggestion about!

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