[ka-Map-users] added query string parsing code ...

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Feb 2 20:38:03 EST 2006

I've added the code I had to startUp.js and iframe.html to parse the  
query string into name/value pairs and changed the initialization  
code to use it.  This replaces the code that did 'positional' parsing.

Parameters that can be passed are:

map=<key from config file>

I recommend using cps rather than extents because you may find you  
don't actually get the right scale due to rounding errors and the way  
ka-Map tries to ensure that extents fit inside the viewport.

Tyler, you can hook up something on KAMAP_EXTENTS_CHANGED to track  
extents and create a link to your page that includes the cps  
parameter so you can return to a particular view

David, this still doesn't do exactly what you want ... you will need  
to modify startUp.js to take unused parameters and pass them to  
myKaMap.initialize as the fourth parameter and modify the initialize  
function inside kaMap to pass that on to init.php.  I'm not sure of  
the general usefulness of this but I would be willing to apply a  
patch if you can it to do what you want.


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