[ka-Map-users] version 0.2 released

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Feb 7 15:58:16 EST 2006


I am relieved to announce a new version of ka-Map, version 0.2.  The  
quick and dirty info is first:

Release info is available at:


Downloads are available at:


The ka-map web site is in the process of being updated to include the  
new download info.

The longer discussion ... for those that want all the dirt ...

Through sheer laziness, I have not released a new version in quite a  
while.  Most of you have resorted to regular CVS updates to get  
something better than the 0.1 version ... for those that haven't  
tried the CVS version, the big change is the move of all the  
javascript from the html page into a set of .js files.  These js  
files now provide a (mostly) solid API for building applications.   
The index.html and related files provide a functional application  
using this API.  To my mind, they are still more of a sample use of  
the API but many folks are now using this interface for their own  

There have been numerous changes to the code since 0.1 and I haven't  
tried to capture them in detail, but I did update HISTORY.TXT with  
some of the ones that seemed significant to me.

With a relatively stable API in place, we will be looking at fleshing  
out the additional features around the core in preparation for a 1.0  
release.  My intention is to have a 1.0 release as soon as possible,  
although in all likelihood it will be 6-12 months.  There will be  
more regular interim releases as the feature set gets fleshed out.

For those that are not yet aware, there is a brand new wiki provided  
by Lorenzo and Andrea.  It is currently serving as the home of  
community-inspired documentation and as a place for developers to  
discuss features.

There is also a new developer's mailing list at http:// 
lists.maptools.org/mailman/listinfo/ka-map-dev.  This list is  
primarily intended for cvs committers and will receive emails on each  
cvs commit and bug change related to ka-Map ... so don't join if you  
don't want to see this information.

The users list will be the primary mechanism for user support still.

Also, for those that are IRC-compatible, TylerM has initiated a new  
channel in IRC for ka-Map stuff ... its pretty active these days and  
a good place to get questions answered.  Please consider joining:



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