[ka-Map-users] Street names on my maps

Frugard, Christian frugardc at electricfiber.com
Wed Feb 8 10:53:40 EST 2006

I am by no means the expert that these guys are, but this may be my chance to contribute something...  This is a Mapserver Issue.  I pasted a sample section from a mapfile of mine.  The "POSITION auto" and "ANGLE auto" part gets you the correct orientation, the font has to be a font defined in the FONTSET line.  This is a nice looking font with an outline.  Below here I have pasted what my fontset.txt file looks like.
  FONTSET "\\lic-ldv02\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\fontset.txt"
            NAME NYCStreets
            TYPE LINE
            STATUS ON
            CONNECTION "host=localhost dbname=xxxxx user=xxx password=xxxxxx"
            DATA "wkb_geometry from ny_nyc_cl using unique ogc_fid"
            LABELCACHE on
            LABELITEM "NAME"
                  SIZE 3
                  COLOR 200 200 200 
                        TYPE truetype
                        FONT "arialbd"
                        SIZE 11
                        OUTLINECOLOR 255 255 255
                        COLOR 0 0 255
                        POSITION auto
                        ANGLE auto
Here is what my fontset.txt file looks like.  Each line has an entry for an alias and a location for the ttf file for each font. 
arialbd               c:\winnt\fonts\arialbd.ttf
arial                              c:\winnt\fonts\arial.ttf
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Can anyone give me a heads up on how to do street names?  This is probably a mapserver issue and not this product specifically but you guys seem to know you stuff.

Any examples would be especially appreciated.


-Clark Endrizzi
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