[ka-Map-users] PNG tiles created without transparency

Tyler Mitchell tjm at timberline.ca
Wed Feb 22 12:41:27 EST 2006

I'm finally getting back to my 'transparency' problems when using 24bit
PNG and multiple group layers.  My cached images do not have any
transparency, even though it is specified in my map config - instead the
'background' is black.

If I manually edit the tile, i.e. in GIMP, to remove the background
colour - it does render just fine.  So I'm guessing this is an issue
with the php methods used for generating the tiles?? Anyone have hints?

I also think this is not related at all to the PNGHack issues, is it?  I
am currently only testing and checking using Firefox.  Will deal with IE
after I get this working FF first.


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