[ka-Map-users] Question about using my own map with ka-map

ramesh karra karrarm at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 22 17:07:45 EST 2006


I have downloaded UMN mapserver and ka-map and was
able to successfully install and test the sample
ka-map application. I am planning to use my own .map
file and a set of shape files. My questions are:

1 - I have added my map file to config.php as follows:

"test1" => array( "TEST1", "/ms4w/test.map",
			array( 40000000, 25000000, 12000000, 7500000,
3000000, 1000000 ),

but it does not display anything! I was not sure what
the numbers in "array( 40000000, 25000000, 12000000,
7500000, 3000000, 1000000 )"' mean. Is there any
document on how to deploy my own maps using ka-map?

My map file (and shape files) have data in lat-long
coordinates and the extent specified is also in
lat-long -- 
  EXTENT	 74.3605 24.2590 79.5400 20.5070
  SIZE           600 450
  SHAPEPATH      "/ms4w/"
  IMAGECOLOR     225 225 225
  FONTSET        "/ms4w/apps/ms101/fonts/fonts.list"
  SYMBOLSET      "c:\ms4w\symbols.sym"

I have used the same map file and was successfully
able to display it by directly(ie. without ka-map)
using mapserver's WMS feature.

I would really appreciate your help in resolving this


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