[ka-Map-users] div with lat, long, mapextent and scale code cont.

José Manuel Cerrejón González gis at mapas-sll.com
Thu Feb 23 03:03:07 EST 2006

Sorry, I haven't got any server online to show. It isn't a tool like pan 
or query, simply it's a status bar at the bottom with info about lat, 
lon, scale and extent.

PD: I forget this code below the <div id="toolbar">...</div> in the 
index.html, sorry:

<img id="refStatusBar" onclick="toggleStatusBar(this);" alt="Hide status 
bar." src="images/a_pixel.gif">
<div id="StatusBar" class="StatusBar">
    <div id="StatusBarBackground" class="transparentBackground"></div>
    <div id="Status"></div>

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