[ka-Map-users] Controlling the number of points using addObjectGeo

Base Bloc chris at basebloc.com
Tue Feb 28 23:27:46 EST 2006

Hi Brent,
This sounds like a good way to do this for me as the number of markers that
would be displayed for my application would never be more than 50 within a
padded viewport at the required scale.
I apologize I haven't yet had the opportunity study the inner workings of
ka-map so am not familiar with all the functions yet; what your suggesting
is building a new function that uses an existing function called
getGeoExtents to find the extent of the current viewport (which can then be
padded for optimum results) then sending these variables back to the server
to query the database via an Ajax call to return the relevant markers. This
function will be set in motion if EXTENTS_CHANGED is true?
Thanks, this sounds like a solid yet simple solution, do you have any
working code that you can share with us, or a demo of this in action?




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