[ka-Map-users] Overlays with dynamic information

Jie Yan yanj at ict.ac.cn
Sun Jan 1 03:17:25 EST 2006

Hi, Pg.
When using setInterval, it will trigger a new loadXML() running after
delaying for a specified time period, even the last running is not over.
And there's asynchronous call during the procssing of loadXML(). I wonder
whether it is safe and efficient.
When using shiftObject, you must hold the old lon/lat value, call
geoToPix() twice and calculate delta X and Y for each point. While using
updateObjects, you just need to assign the current lon/lat value to every
obj. But on the other hand, you can call shiftObject to set each point
separately instead of updating the points all at once.
Maybe there's something wrong, I'm just green hand for ka-Map and Javascript.

Besides, I have some questions. What about the performance of
wz_jsgraphics, is it necessary to use it?

Sorry to bother you, but I'm really interested in dynamic overlay function
and quite grateful for your work.

Best regards!

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