[ka-Map-users] Why is my ka-map application from the CVS server too slow?

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Jan 3 11:06:13 EST 2006

Hi Ben Jiemin

On 29-Dec-05, at 9:37 PM, medimap medimap wrote:

> Hi paul
>      First thanks a lot for your great work. Ka-map+mapServer make  
> us design the map Web server easily. I am from China. But when I  
> download the newest ka-map edition from the CVS server to my PC and  
> run it . There are some problems.
>    1.It is too slow when I view the map in IE OR FIRFOX and EMS  
> memory&CPU hold too much. Then I open the web explorer and input  
> the url (eg. http://localhost/ka-map/htdocs ) it takes about one  
> minute more to show the first image. I don't know why? Because when  
> I use the MapScript+php to create a lager image it is very quickly.  
> and when I use the ka-map 0.1.1 edition it is also quickly.

not sure what would cause this.  The cvs version is somewhat more  
bulky and so it can be somewhat slower.  I did spend some time trying  
to minimize the amount of code run in the inner event handling loops,  
and to optimize it, but I am sure there is more that can be done.   
Even so, it should not be significantly slower.  It is possible that  
this is related to a bug that Andrea just fixed in cvs, so I would  
try again.

>    2. Would you like to tell me what the DM Solution US Street Map  
> Demo's hardware is? I think the data must be great but the rate  
> could be accepted. How can use my hardware to perform the same  
> capability. My GIS data include two cities (building/road/POI/ 
> userpoint/operation Point etc.) and each of them is about 100M. I  
> try to use PostGIS in PostGreSQL. Is there any advices?

the US Street Map Demo runs on a 2 (?) GHz intel box with 1GB ram,  
7200 RPM drives and linux OS.  Pretty standard, off the shelf  
hardware with nothing fancy.  Data is about 6GB for all of the US,  
but we spent quite a bit of time optimizing both the data  
(generalizing for the smaller scales for example) and the map file.

PostgresQL should work fine with ka-Map, it is somewhat slower that  
optimized shapefiles but not substantially so, especially for ka-Map  
which relies more heavily on caching that raw map rendering speed.



>    Thanks for your great work again.
>    Best Wishes.
>                                    yours Ben Jiemin
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