[ka-Map-users] Simple Question? If a map file opens in shp2img, should it work in kaMap?

Frugard, Christian frugardc at ConEdCom.com
Tue Jan 3 14:41:05 EST 2006

I am trying to get a simple mapfile to load up.  I have previously (with limited success) used the CVS version to load a mapfile, but for some reason, another file I am using is failing.  If a map file opens in shp2image, should it work in kaMap?  I have used shp2img to verify that  the map file is valid.  Other than that, the only area that needs to be changed really is the following lines in the confg.php file, correct? (along with the cahnge to gd2 in init.php.

$aszMapFiles = array(

    "NJ"   => array( "NJ", "c:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\NJ\nj.map",
                     array( 15000, 7500, 3000, 1000 ),

/* Add more elements to this array to offer multiple mapfiles */


 * figure out which map file to use and set up the necessary variables for
 * the rest of the code to use.  This does need to be done on every page load
 * unfortunately.
 * szMap should be set to the default map file to use but can change if
 * this script is called with map=<mapname>. 
$szMap = 'NJ';

Kinda lost at this point.  Maybe my scales are causing it to fail?  Is that possible?

Thanks for any help, this is a great project I am glad to be getting involved in,

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