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Jacob -

Some quick Googling shows that other users have reported this
10,000-setting symptom, but without explanation.  Some of the posts are
several years old.  It's possible that some third-party Internet
"optimization" or "security" software tweaks it when installed.

But why should that setting crash your server?  That setting ALLOWS your
client to create up to 10,000 connections, but doesn't REQUIRE it to.
Your client is presumably capable of generating a few dozen simultaneous
requests in a typical kaMap situation.  If your server can't handle
that, then perhaps something else is the problem, too.

	- Ed

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I spoke a bit fast just now the broken images... After researching the
IE broken image problem for a _very_ long time, it just hit me what
could cause it.

Supposedly, the default value of the maximum number of connections to
one server in IE is set to 2. This is to comply with internet standards
(to help reduce loads on servers) That's what Microsoft claims. They say
you can increase it to ten, to allow you to download more than 2 files
from 1 server (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=282402). For some
reason, my computer has a value of 10,000. So did my colleagues. So it's
no wonder that IE caused my server to crash. The fix is documented in
the link I sent, but for simplicity sake:

Change value of MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server and MaxConnectionsPerServer
to something more decent (I use 5).

It fixes the problem straight away. Unfortunately, you can't really tell
all your visitors to hack their registry.... 

Why would our pc's have a default value of 10,000? That's ridiculously
I'll check with Microsoft on this....




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