[ka-Map-users] XML Points File

David Bitner osgis.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 11:01:29 EST 2006

I know that there has been some discussion on the list regarding
similar functionality to the markers in google maps.  I also know that
there is a good start in ka-map for adding points that will then pan
along with the map.

I am looking to create a javascript function that takes a url of a
"service" and optionally a flag  to indicate that a bounding box
should be sent and a new request should be made for each map extent. 
The "service" could then be either a script (php+postgis in my case)
or a file that returns either a delimited string or an xml string. 
The return will indicate several points, each point will have an x and
y coordinate, a url to an image to be shown on the map, and optionally
html that will be included in a div that is used for mouseover events.

Has anyone done anything along these lines already?  If not, are there
any features or specifications that I could include that would help
anyone else out?


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