[ka-Map-users] Turning off the scalebar

David Badke dbadke at uvic.ca
Fri Jan 20 14:12:56 EST 2006

In some of the maps I need to display, "scale" is meaningless to the 
viewer, so the displayed scalebar is not needed and is actually 
confusing. Using the CVS version of ka-Map, I want to turn the display 
of the scalebar off (actually the whole scalebar box), while keeping the 
legend visible. I tried setting the SCALEBAR status to OFF in the .map 
file, but that didn't work; as far as I can tell, the whole SCALEBAR 
section is ignored. I know I can modify the ka-Map code to remove the 
scalebar, but I would really rather not do that. A brief look through 
the code suggests that the whole "reference" section is meant to act as 
a group, with the only control of its visibility being through the 
toggle button.

What I really want is for ka-Map to follow the SCALEBAR status setting 
in the .map file, or at least be able to turn the scalebar off for 
individual maps with a setting in the $aszMapFiles array. For the moment 
it is not a big issue, but I think ka-Map should have the ability to 
generate the scalebar or not, on a per-map basis. Same for the legend, 
independent of the scalebar (ie: be able to show both, either, or neither).

If I get time, I may have a go at adding this functionality myself, but 
for the moment, consider this a suggestion for the suggestion box!


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