[ka-Map-users] Legend and keymap

Marc Pfister mpfister at enplan.com
Mon Jan 23 14:04:25 EST 2006

> From: Paul Spencer
> I believe the issue of upside-down has been raised and a contribution
> is forthcoming that corrects this and adds some new features to the
> legend including a default annotation group that sits on top.

I have fixed the legend behavior and it will be contributed to the CVS

I have it running here:


Legend is now in the right order. Layer movement seems to be working
correctly. All ungrouped annotation is combined into a hidden layer that
always displays on top, much like the base layer is always on the

Please let me know if you encounter any error messages or can induce it
to do something weird.


Marc Pfister
mpfister at enplan.com
530/221-6963 Fax

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