[ka-Map-users] Legend and keymap

Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Mon Jan 23 20:05:07 EST 2006


Looking great. You've done a great job. Looks like hell to debug :)
Only thing I noticed is that layers that are not turned on, do not
participate in moving up or down. Is that intentional? It basically does
not permit the layer to move, or another layer skips over the 'offed'
layer if it moves. Not a drama, though.

About the layer order: I did something very basic (possibly gruesome),
which seems to work:
On line 157 and 170 of KaLegend.js, I flipped the FOR-loop around (make
it loop in reverse), and then I switched the bodies of the "movelayerup"
and "movelayerdown" functions. Now the legend is the correct
(conventional?) way around, and all works great. You can see this change


I hope this abuse of your code doesn't shock you too much :)




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> Finally it seem to me to have fixed all legend bugs.
> Really hope so, IE is always a pain ...
> my test application:
> http://www.ominiverdi.org/ka-map/ka-map/htdocs/
> 1) now it is possible to have __base__ div in any position 
> (this is for 
> you, Tyler!   ;-)    )
> 2) Any hidden or unchecked groups are "jumped" from the 
> up&down process 
> to permit synchronization between layer that are of in different zoom 
> scales.
> 3) IE bug that loose checkbox selection seems to be fixed.
> 4) Clicking up or down in the top or bottom layer now seems 
> to work in 
> any condition (configuration) giving the alert.
> quite tired to test, please update your CVS and comment
> cheers
> Lorenzo 
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