[ka-Map-users] Pointer to Examples?

Jeremy Irish jeremy at groundspeak.com
Thu Jan 26 13:21:46 EST 2006

Does anyone have a working production sample of a similar function to how the Google Map plotting works? In other words, is there an example of a site that overlays one or more waypoints on a map with an icon, and on clicking the waypoint shows a popup bubble containing text and links? We're trying to mirror the functionality of Google Maps as closely as possible.

Also, we use network KML on Geocaching.com to provide a dynamic list of caches in Google Earth. We'd like to provide similar functionality by dynamically plotting caches based on the zoom level and area displayed on a map.

If you have an example of either of these concepts I'd love to hear about it! Or, alternately, it'd be great to see how you guys are using Ka-map in real-world applications.

Our ultimate plan is to have an asp.net control that helps you build imbedded maps on the fly without knowing how the underlying JavaScript works for building these ka-maps. Similar projects have been done for the Google Map API and work quite well in our test environment. Unfortunately the Google terms are too restrictive for a high-traffic site like ours.



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