[ka-Map-users] ka-map window manager

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Thu Jun 1 10:55:08 EDT 2006

Hi Steve,
nothing to be sorry of, don't worry.
> I looked at it, sorry for the lack of response. I guess it all  
> seems pretty natural to use and did what I expected it to. I think  
> it is very cool and my mind drifted off into wondering how I could/ 
> would use it.

my mind too. I'm sure the applications I have in mind are just a part  
of what can be done.
The old one born with the idea to offer a simple navigation tool,  
this is more an application framework.
Ex: I've tried do duplicate the viewport in a new window as in modern  
GIS system but without success (for the moment).

> A couple of comments:
> 1) I expected to be able to grab a window frame and drag it, but  
> you had to select the window frame and then click and drag it. Not  
> intuitive, but I got it after a couple of tries.

you are right, it's like that. I wrote this interface quite fast,  
I've left many little thing aside and this is one that can be changed.

> 2) the function needs more feedback. It didn't seem to work when  
> zoomed out yesterday, today I zoomed all the way in and got  
> results, but the results did not seem to relate to the country I  
> selected. Also a processing thingy would be good to know that  
> something is happening.

right. It's like that. Sorry, I've forgot to upload a file yesterday.  
This Identify function is provisory. We are working on it, don't know  
when but hope to post it very soon.

> All in all, you guys are doing an awesome job with this stuff.
> -Steve W


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