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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Jun 1 12:07:28 EDT 2006


its a work in progress :)

It has some basic query capabilities.  It provides a point/rect query  
tool that can inform you of when a query has happened, but you need  
to actually do something with the query request.  There is a sample  
implementation of query code in cvs I believe.

Distance measuring has been done by some folks, I don't think there  
is an implementation in cvs yet.  I have a ruler tool that is not yet  
contributed, it is likely that I will contribute it soonish (mostly a  
matter of finding the time)

Drawing points, lines, polygons etc is a work in progress, some of  
the other developers are investigating alternatives for rendering  
overlays using both client side and server side techniques.  There is  
no clear winner yet :)



On 1-Jun-06, at 11:56 AM, Dave McCann wrote:

> Quick question to anyone.
> We're considering developing an application based on ka-map and I  
> need to know if it will support some of the following.. I really  
> can't find anything documented if it does.
> There seems to be only a few buttons on the demo's I've looked at.
> Does it have the ability to query against layers, measure distance,  
> drawing of points polygons or circles?
> It seems like a good product to start with because of the AJAX  
> capability.
> Thanks,
> Dave McCann
> Progressive Partnering Inc.
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