[ka-Map-users] new howto in the wiki

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Jun 2 19:52:31 EDT 2006

> Looks great.  Thanks for posting the link to the examples.

you're welcome.

> Wondering how many others might feel the same way as I do -- when I  
> see
> these examples of interesting implementations like this I always  
> wonder
> what the map file looks like.  I scan the page hoping that there is a
> link that would open up the contents of the map file, but the link  
> never
> seems to exist.  As a noob to all of this I feel that seeing the  
> code in
> the map file has huge value to me and would help me to understand the
> nuances of how the UI was put together.

Steve is right, GUI is independent from the mapfile.
The point to focus would be that ka-map is just an interface for  
mapserver. This means that it's supposed user know how to use mapserver.

> Personally I'd like to encourage those who create these great examples
> to also include a link that would display the internals of the  
> mapfile,
> or dump it out in the footer of the map.

not a bad idea.
Anyway it's not normal to show mapfiles to everybody, it's a security  
issues. Data I'm using are free but most of the GIS data in this  
world (unfortunately) are not. Mapfile show where this data stay in  
the disk.

That mapfile could be cleaner but I hope it's enough to start.
Posting some mapfiles to show practice example is a good manner to  
let people understand how ka-map works, you are right.

> MikeD


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