[ka-Map-users] RE: Black transparencies with ka-map in IE

Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
Mon Jun 5 19:42:34 EDT 2006

Hi Vaughan,
I have run into PNG24 problems on-and-off, but I'm not sure what causes
it. I normally use GIF for transparent layers, so I have never really
looked into it a lot. 
The "hack" that makes the PNG24 work in IE is applied in an unusual way,
by means of javascript getting invoked by CSS. I am not entirely certain
what triggers the function at what time during loading. I suspect the
problem with black tiles may be because the hack is applied before the
image is loaded. Maybe if IE doesn't have pixel information yet, it
defaults to black. 
I suppose you could experiment with triggering the applyPNGFilter
function for all tiles at times when the black images tend to occur, to
see what happens. Though I think that might cause some overhead...
Sorry not to be more helpful.


	From: Vaughan Rowsell [mailto:vaughan at vianetinternational.com] 
	Sent: 2 June 2006 20:39
	To: Delfos, Jacob
	Subject: Black transparencies with ka-map in IE

	Hi Jacob,


	I have been reading some posts on the ka-map user groups
regarding alpha transparencies and black tile/screens in IE.  I am
having the same issues with the latest ka-map from CVS.  While tiles
with alpha (png24) are loading the viewport tiles go black and each tile
flashes.  Once the tiles have finished loading the screen looks normal
and the transparencies are in effect.  Sometimes the screen stays black.
Is this the same problem you were having?  If so how did you resolve it?
I can not seep to find a posting with the resolution.


	Best regards,



	Vaughan Rowsell

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