[ka-Map-users] About ka-Map's performance when group mor e than 30

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Jun 7 07:45:36 EDT 2006


this is, by design, how ka-Map works.  The intention is that you  
would only have GROUPs in your mapfile for each separately  
controllable group of layers.  Several is practical, even 10.  30 is  
not practical since it results in way too many things for the browser  
to deal with and to transfer over the network.

The solution is to remove some of your groups and combining more  
layers into each group, or removing groups altogether.



On 3-Jun-06, at 10:53 PM, 4122609 wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a problem. If a map have more than 30 groups and ka-Map's  
> legend
> is based on group,so the cache will have more than 30 file folder  
> each scale.
> when client request,although the server have cache,there will be a  
> lot of
> picture to download and place to proper position.It will take a  
> long time,so
> can anyone give me a suggestion to deal with this problem.
> Best Regards
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