[ka-Map-users] About ka-Map's performance when group mor e than 30

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Jun 9 07:19:35 EDT 2006

If all visible layers are in one group, then you are at the minimum  
resource usage already (one set of tiles in the cache, one set of  
images loaded to client).  If you want to increase flexibility (layer  
ordering), you would normally do so at an extra cost of cache space  
and images loaded to the client.  You could possibly avoid the extra  
cache space by choosing not to cache tiles of certain layers (see the  
wiki for details) but this will reduce overall performance because  
uncached tiles have to be generated every page load.

This is a limitation of using this type of mapping engine, or at  
least I can't think of a way to get more flexibility without  
sacrificing client performance, server performance, and/or disk cache  



On 8-Jun-06, at 9:30 PM, 王磊 wrote:

> Thanks for your reply.I have changed the group method to layer  
> method,so visible layers merge into one group.The speed is well,But  
> the cache may be too huge and the control of layer sequence also  
> need much more cache. Can you suggest some good ideas about this??
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