[ka-Map-users] the groupname in Chinese

XiongJing jxiong at ne.rsgs.ac.cn
Thu Jun 15 22:48:58 EDT 2006

    Few days ago I asked whether the groupname could be in Chinese. And I find it does. http://www.webmap.cn/basicmap/index.php is a good example.  Here is the way to solve the problem, and I believe it also useful in other languages:
    (1) add a metadata which called "group_title" in each group in .map file:
    e.g:   LAYER
            NAME "Province"
            GROUP "Province"    (groupname in English)
            STATUS DEFAULT
            DATA ...
            TYPE POLYGON
              "OPACITY"    "50"
              "group_title"  "Chinese name"  *   (in Chinese)
   (2) in kamap.js file:
     add a "title" attribute in  "layer" object:
        function _layer( szName, bVisible, opacity, szTitle,imageformat, bQueryable , scales)
         {     ...                                  ~~~~~~~~
             this.title = szTitle;                
   (3)  add the  "title" attribute like (2) in all files that have the  "layer" object,which include "wmsLayer.js" and "init.php".
        Here we should notice the order of parameter  which we add.
        And in init.php file: we should add : $title = $oLayer -> getMatadata('group_title'); in 3 places.
   (4)in kaLegend.js file :
    NO.421 row: td.innerHTML = name; which is to display the groupname.
    We set : td.innerHTML = oLayer.title;
    I tried the method¡¡and it really works. The method is provided bg ZHOU,Xu who from National Geomatics Center of China .
Thanks very much .¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡jxiong at ne.rsgs.ac.cn

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