[ka-Map-users] Query system!

Andrea Cappugi kappu72 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 13:27:05 EDT 2006

Hi Paul,
until I have had some time to spend on kamap!!
With Lorenzo we have improved the query system,
A new layer is created when a query is made and only selected features are
hilite and printed!
Also an XML file return the table for the selected features, should work
with any vector layer in map file.
Metadata settings, layer level:

fields "fieldname:alias,fieldname:alias,fieldname:alias,fieldname:alias"
  you can choose witch field in which order and with wich alias the XML will
report the query result, alias is optional
hyperlink  "fieldname"
  you can set the field with hyperlink in the table or
hyperlink  "fieldname|url"
  the system will build the link so url?fieldname=val
rgbColor "100,50,100"
  set line color for hilite
these are metadata I'have used in the example.
     fields 'name:Name'
     hyperlink 'cat|http://www.ominiverdi.org'
 # rgbColor "100,50,100"

The XML file is transformed by xsl, writing personal xsl is an easy way to
change query result appearance.
If you click on a value in table the map will zoom the selected feature!!
Waiting for comment.
I have lost my pw for cvs, is possible to have a new one!?
Thanks Andrea
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