[ka-Map-users] Map Query

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Jun 23 11:51:34 EDT 2006

 > Yes, I saw it. Nice, but limited in terms of flexibility.

mmm, I'm not of the same opinion, using the tile/cache system it  
permits to query little objects as the full map. Then you can  
navigate with pan and zoom as with a normal layer. As normal layer  
you can use all functions the legend offers and maybe I've forgotten  
other possible application. we are working at a mouse over event too...
Andrea did it in a way we'll soon be able to use overlay functions  
( union, subtraction, exclusion).

 > An arbitrary acetate would have a number of uses besides a query  
(as you mention) and would also be
 > sticky (kinda like a route or point overlay). The acetate should  
not need to be
 > the same size as the view port. In one sense all I'm talking about  
is a dynamic
 > marker icon. It might be 400x400 but is a marker nonetheless...

If I've understood what you suggest you are thinking at an image of  
the dimension of the object you want hilited.
Whatever is the dimension of the image it will increase at each "zoom  
in" increasing server calculation time and download time.
maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway Steve if you think your system can work it will be absolutely  
interesting to add it and let the community test it as we'll do with  
PG and our (ominiverdi) systems.
We (ka-map community) have not yet found the perfect solution and  
maybe there's not.



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