[ka-Map-users] changes in cvs version

David Badke dbadke at uvic.ca
Mon Mar 13 16:21:14 EST 2006

I updated my code with the cvs changes, and maps that used to work 
stopped working - I got blank tiles. After MUCH debugging, I think I 
found the problem.

I think there is a bug related to the changes in kaMap.js. The _map() 
initialization function is now expecting an object as its parameter, 
formerly a list of values. The setting of the "this.xxx" values changed 
accordingly. However, the line:

(1886)    this.units = o.units?o.units:5;
does not work if units are 'inches' (0); it always sets units to 5, 
which messes up all future calculations.

I am not very familiar with objects in JavaScript, so I can't say  for 
sure why it doesn't work, but I suspect a value of zero handed to 
'o.units?' will always evaluate to false. I do know that if I change the 
line to 'this.units = o.units' everything works again. I haven't tried 
it, but I'll bet any units other than inches will work (that is, o.units 
!= 0).


Paul Spencer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've recently committed some fairly major changes to ka-Map cvs to fix 
> some issues and to prepare us for some future possibilities.
> One of these changes has resulted in a change to config.php.  
> config.dist.php has been modified in cvs, but you will have to 
> manually update your local config.php with the required changes.  
> Changes are only required to the declaration of $aszMapFiles.
> See bug 1350 (http://bugzilla.maptools.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1350) for 
> details
> Cheers
> Paul


David Badke
Humanities Computing and Media Center
University of Victoria, BC, Canada

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