[ka-Map-users] Disable tiles caching

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Mar 15 11:18:48 EST 2006


Tim has committed some changes recently that will allow you to do  
this by setting metadata on your layers in your map file.

"tile_source" "redraw"

options are:

"redraw" - forces the tile to be re-rendered (note this causes a huge  
performance hit on the server right now because of how tiles are  
rendered.  Essentially every tile causes a meta-tile draw)

"auto" - the default option if not specified, tiles are rendered and  
cached as normal

"cache" - accesses tiles directly from the cache, requires a web- 
accessible cache directory and a setting in config.php.  Avoids  
tile.php for performance

Tim has also indicated he will be adding a new option, "nocache",  
which can be used to like "redraw" but which will only render the  
tile, not the metatile, thus avoiding the worst of the performance  
problems of "redraw".  Note this will only work effectively with  
layers that don't have labels.



On 14-Mar-06, at 4:28 PM, Clint Girard wrote:

> Hi. I'd like to know if it's possible to disable the tiles caching for
> one (or every) layer in Kamap. I'd like my application to act like  
> in real time.
> Actually, I have to clear all the files in the cache directory to  
> make it
>  act like this.
> Thanks,
> Clint
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