[ka-Map-users] Problem in IE

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Mar 15 14:25:29 EST 2006


I think you have the sequence right.  Unfortunately I don't have  
access to IE to test this.  I've run into this type of problem before  
but I can't recall how I solved it or if it is indeed the same problem.

I suggest that you file this issue as a bug at http:// 
bugzilla.maptools.org and hopefully someone will try to take a look  
at it.



On 15-Mar-06, at 2:14 PM, Krassovski, Mikhail B. wrote:

> Hi!
> First of all I would like to say ‘Thank you!’ for all who put his/ 
> her time developing such a great product!
> I had no problems to set it up and customize to my needs, great  
> job, thank you again!
> I did the whole work in Firefox (v., but when I checked it  
> in IE (v.6.0.2900), I found the following problem.
> I have four maps, in general they are identical, but have different  
> set of layers and some features. There is a JavaScript function  
> that is executed right after map change is requested, and it works  
> fine in Firefox, but not in IE. The map is changed according to  
> request, but next function is not executed and the whole thing  
> stops. I started to check what is going and found that process  
> stops when mySetMap(…) is called, and problem is not with my  
> function after it. Further tracing shows the following flow of  
> calls (please, correct me if I’m wrong): mySetMap(…) ->  
> myKaMap.selectMap(…) -> kaMap.prototype.selectMap ->  
> this.zoomToExtents(….) -> this.triggerEvent(KAMAP_EXTENTS_CHANGED,  
> this.getGeoExtents) -> kaMap.prototype.getGeoExtents . It looks  
> like the last function getGeoExtents return values (return [minx,  
> miny, maxx, maxy];), but then everything stops. I can’t understand  
> why it does that and how to fix it. If you have any suggestions,  
> I’ll be very grateful!
> Misha Krassovski
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> Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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