[ka-Map-users] Problem in IE

Krassovski, Mikhail B. krassovskimb at ornl.gov
Thu Mar 16 12:42:13 EST 2006

Thank you for you advice! 
I changed the order of function calls and it works fine now.
It looks like it is the only one way for now: to keep mySetMap() the
very last one to execute. This is what comment says:
kaMap.selectMap( name )
select one of the maps that kaMap knows about and re-initialize kaMap
this new map.  This function returns true if name is valid and false if
the map is invalid.  Note that a return of true does not imply that the
map is fully active.  You must register for the KAMAP_MAP_INITIALIZED
event since the map initialization happens asynchronously. 
As I understand it means that it still does something after true is
returned and that "something" prevents next code running. It is strange
than it stumbles only in IE.

Thank you very much! 
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> We had a similar problem.
> The solution we found was to not do anything until KAMAP_INITIALIZED
> ie:
> myKaMap.registerForEvent( KAMAP_INITIALIZED, null, myInitialized );
> We don't start doing anything until myInitialized function is called.
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> Hi!
> First of all I would like to say 'Thank you!' for all who put his/her
> developing such a great product!
> I had no problems to set it up and customize to my needs, great job,
> you again!
> I did the whole work in Firefox (v., but when I checked it in
> (v.6.0.2900), I found the following problem.
> I have four maps, in general they are identical, but have different
set of
> layers and some features. There is a JavaScript function that is
> right after map change is requested, and it works fine in Firefox, but
> in IE. The map is changed according to request, but next function is
> executed and the whole thing stops. I started to check what is going
> found that process stops when mySetMap(...) is called, and problem is
> with
> my function after it. Further tracing shows the following flow of
> (please, correct me if I'm wrong): mySetMap(...) ->
myKaMap.selectMap(...) ->
> kaMap.prototype.selectMap -> this.zoomToExtents(....) ->
> this.triggerEvent(KAMAP_EXTENTS_CHANGED, this.getGeoExtents) ->
> kaMap.prototype.getGeoExtents . It looks like the last function
> getGeoExtents return values (return [minx, miny, maxx, maxy];), but
> everything stops. I can't understand why it does that and how to fix
> If
> you have any suggestions, I'll be very grateful!
> Misha Krassovski
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