[ka-Map-users] recent changes in cvs

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue May 9 14:40:03 EDT 2006


I though I would just let everyone know that I have committed changes  
in cvs to add versioning support in a couple of ways.

First, you can now add a 'version' metadata in the web object of your  
map file.  This version, if present, is included in tile requests.   
The version used to create any tile is stored with the tiles.  When  
the version in the mapfile changes, the tiles are automatically re- 
requested by the client (because the url changes) and are regenerated  
in the cache on the server without needing to delete the cache.

Second, you can now specify a "redraw_interval" metadata in the  
metadata of a layer.  The redraw_interval is the number of seconds  
that the data for a particular layer/group should be considered  
valid.  When tiles are requested, if the current time is newer than  
the creation time plus this interval, the tiles are recreated.  There  
is a new function in the kaMap _layer API to trigger redrawing in  
this way.

Third, you can now specify a "refresh_interval" metadata in the  
metadata of a layer.  This is used to get kaMap to automatically  
redraw a layer after the number of seconds in this field pass.  This  
is intended to be used with layers that have a tile_source of redraw  
(and a redraw_interval) or nocache.

Note this won't work with precache2.php yet.  I'll follow up with Tim  
to get that updated.


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