[ka-Map-users] precache2 problem

Tim Schaub tim at commenspace.org
Tue May 16 11:35:37 EDT 2006

Hey Jesse-
I don't fully understand your setup.  If mapserver can render your
mapfile, then precache2 should work on it as well.  There is no looping
through directories going on, so I can't make an exception for
directories that don't have certain data.  It could be that your mapfile
has an error that you don't know about because you can't tell that the
images aren't being returned in ka-Map.
If you send your mapfile (just to me) - I'll see if I can help figure
out what is going on.


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	Subject: [ka-Map-users] precache2 problem
	Precache2 seems to have a problem when processing some
directories for data:
	Warning: [MapServer Error]: msSHPOpenFile():
	 in /var/www/http/tl-map/precache2.php on line 238
	Warning: [MapServer Error]: msSHPOpenFile():
	 in /var/www/http/tl-map/precache2.php on line 238
	Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
	/var/www/http/tl-map/precache2.php on line 239
	The 37/37053 directory doesn't have a 'place' shapefile--I think
precache should
	continue gracefully if it comes to a directory that is missing a
layer--it could
	be that not all areas have all layers.
	This should be an easy fix, but I'm not sure what all is going
on in precache2 so I hesitate to make to many changes.
	Many thanks.

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