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Pedro Garcia pedro.gspace at gmail.com
Wed May 17 14:28:41 EDT 2006


Thank you very much for your feedback. I'm glad you like this
application. If you like this versin you will like more the final
version, which will have much more photos, layers of years,
and the coverage (map extension) of the city will be much larger.

Next days I will be working to improove the user interface,
and navigability of the application. When I finish these
modifications, I will post here a message.

If you have some question about the code I wrote, send
me a message and I will be glad to explain you.

my best regards,

  Pedro Simonetti Garcia
  Software Engineering
  Hiparc Geoteclogogia (www.hiparc.com.br)

2006/5/16, XiongJing <jxiong at ne.rsgs.ac.cn>:
> Pedro Garcia
>     I browsed your New ka-Map sample application (
> http://www.hipparc.com.br/veracidade) this morning, and found that's
> wonderful. I am a graduate student of China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground
> Station . We also use ka-map now to make a remote Sensing Satellite image
> promulgate system. Some of your demo  application are excellent(If  click
> with the query tool in the airplane icon, you will see a window with a small
> panoramic photo.Then, clicking in the floppy disk (on the top of this
> window)you can see this photo in a higher resolution.) . I hope that we will
> have more  intercommunion in the future and I will  learn more from yours .
>           best wishes~
> XiongJing
> jxiong at ne.rsgs.ac.cn
> 2006-05-17
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