[ka-Map-users] Tuning Apache and PHP on Windows 2000?

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Tue Oct 3 19:13:55 EDT 2006

Jeff Dege wrote:
> We're running KA-Map on Windows 2000.  And it's working fine, except for
> performance.
> Tile generation is taking way too long.  30-40 seconds, sometimes.
> I don't think we can do much more with the mapfile - Mapserver draws
> maps much more quickly.
> I was wondering if there were any configuration options in Apache or PHP
> that might be bottlenecking things.
> Anyone have any ideas?

Well, you need to remember that ka-map draws a meta tile which is 
typically 5x5 regular tiles so it need 25 times the image memory 
required to draw a single tile. This may cause your system to page to 
disk which would REALLY slow things down.

You can try making your meta tiles smaller, or add more memory. Other 
than the larger memory requirements and the effort to chop and store the 
individual tile, it is just mapserver running.

You cant to make sure you do NOT have the force option configured ot it 
will regenerate the tiles on EVERY request which is not what you want.

Are things fast, if you pan across an area that you have already panned 
over in the past, ie are you pulling cached tiles or are you generating 
the tile again?

-Steve W.

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