[ka-Map-users] openlayers breaks kamap?

percy percyd at pdx.edu
Thu Oct 5 15:16:43 EDT 2006

Thanks, Chris, that helped a lot!!!

I'll volunteer to create a more detailed setup document for OL/Kamap as 
soon as I've gotten mine completely worked out.

I think it's important for the user to get their local kamap install 
debugged before trying to throw it into OL.

I am moving quickly to replace my kamap iframe implementation seen here:
with an OL/kamap implementation.

I am a little concerned with some dropped tiles that I've seen so far, 
as well as a degradation in speed and graphic quality.

I am assuming these issues can be worked out, and I've seen some threads 
that I'll go back and read WRT to the dropped tiles...

Here's a question: What's the absolute FASTEST way to access mapserver 
data sitting on the same server as OL???

Thanks for a great interface!
PSU Geology

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 05:20:17PM -0700, percy wrote:
>> I'm playing with the idea of implementing an OpenLayers frontend to my 
>> kamap tiles. Partly because OL already does the zoomin/pan to new 
>> location on double click, which would save me from debugging this in 
>> kamap :-)
>> First question: it looks like if I create that tile.php that is 
>> documented on the OL site, I will break my currently working kamap 
>> install. (I tried this and it DID break)
> If you already have a tile.php, the one included in OpenLayers is *not*
> for you. Just use the one you currently have. The tile.php in OpenLayers
> Subversion is for when you *don't* have ka-map already set up.
>> The new tile.php required for the OL implentation appears to be a 
>> concatenation of config.php and SOME of the old tile.php?
> It's just config.php and tile.php. Any lack is just a mistake -- I dont'
> think I pulled anything out of it.
>> Second question: In the example shown on the wiki 
>> (http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/OpenLayers.Layer.KaMap), the map object 
>> points to index.php as shown here:
>> var jpl = new OpenLayers.Layer.KaMap( "Satellite",
>>                     "http://www.openlayers.org/world/index.php", {g: 
>> "satellite", map: "world"});
>>     map.addLayer(jpl);
>> Shouldn't this point to tile.php???
> index.php *is* a tile.php. The name of the file on the server doesn't
> matter. Naming it index.php means that we can use it as '/world/' on
> URLs on the OpenLayers server -- I *hate* extensions in filenames, but I
> think without it, the example would have been less clear in this case,
> which is why the example does include it.
> Regards,

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